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Tara Firm by Sweetdreams (Non Storage Price)

The average person spends over a third their life in bed and it has been proven that a good nights sleep can positively impact on your mood and day to day outlook.  It goes without saying then that it is important to choose the right bed or mattress for you. 

We stock beds to suit all budgets. so whether you require a luxury king size  for your master bedroom or a stylish double for the guest room pop in and see our friendly staff who will be happy to advise and assist you in finding your perfect bed. 
As well as supplying all the typical sized beds we can also supply bespoke sizes.

available with storage drawers underneath

Headboard not included

Head board not included

Sensation Divan By La Romantica

Jolie Divan By La Romantica

Head board not included

Nike Divan By Apollo Beds with 2 storage drawers

Available in other colours

Head board not included

Orchid Divan By La Romantica

Head board not included

Memory Luxury 800 by Rest Assured 
With 2 storage drawers

Kiara Divan by La Romantica